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Selection Committee

短片組Selection Committee

  • Film maker-Image

    An independent video creator. Born in Banqiao, Taiwan, and educated at Tunghai University and Tainan National University of the Arts.

    Film maker
    江偉華 Watson CHIANG
  • Film critic-Image

    Luke Y. SHEN graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts (Film, MFA). Director, film critic, poet, senior international film festival correspondent. His Poetry has won the first prize of the TSMC Youth Student Literature Award. Once served as a jury for Asian Cinema Observer Recommendation Award at Golden Horse Awards. Currently has film reviews published in FUNSCREEN, Filmaholic, THE NEWS LENS, ARTouch, OS, The Initium and Facebook fanpage "CinemaAnyways".

    Film critic
    沈怡昕 Luke Y. SHEN
  • Film critic,  currently the vice president of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society-Image

    Cecilia Wong Lai-ming is a film critic and currently the vice president of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society. She has served as Programmer at the Hong Kong Film Archive and Assistant Chief Editor of HK Film. Experienced in curating, programme coordination and promotion for film programmes, she has curated several thematic exhibitions on film arts and is the editor of books about Hong Kong directors Ringo Lam and Ann Hui.

    Film critic, currently the vice president of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society
    卓男 Cecilia Wong Lai-ming
  • Director-Image

    Based in Fengyuan, Taiwan, Lungyin Lim received his MFA from FAMU, Czech Republic. His feature debut Ohong Village won the Cipputi Prize at Torino Film Festival, and has entered the official competitions of Jeonju International Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival, among others. Lungyin’s latest feature project Malice won the Bole Film Award at Golden Horse FPP, and has traveled to Talents Tokyo and HAF. Aside from directing, Lungyin is also an awarded cinematographer.

    林龍吟 Lung Yin LIN
  • Film critic, producer-Image

    SUN has been a columnist, curator and editor-in-chief for various movie magazines. She’s been doing production since 2014, her first short film was MY DREAM PLACE BORN IN 60 SECONDS(2015), co-produced with France. In 2016, her first co-produced feature film Yamato(California) with Japan premiered at Festival du nouveau cinéma. Her works have been selected for Golden Horse Projects and nominated for prestigious awards in Taiwan.

    Film critic, producer
    孫志熙 SUN Z. C.
  • Taiwanese film journalist and critic-Image

    Taiwanese film journalist and critic. Served as a jury member for esteemed film awards including the Golden Horse Awards, Taipei Film Awards and International New Talent Competition, Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition, to name a few.

    Taiwanese film journalist and critic
    張士達 Kevin Chang
  • Film critic-Image

    Han TIEN is a licensed M.D. and received a M.A. in Sociology from the University of Warwick. She works as writer and film critic since 2018. In 2019, she was selected as a member of Asian Cinema Observation Group and was selected to Berlinale Talent Press in 2023.

    Film critic
    甜寒 Han TIEN
  • Director-Image

    Yang's thesis film "Tail End of The Year" received numerous awards, including the DGA Award. She is now working on her original series "Cry Me Through Hell" as writer, director, and showrunner in collaboration with PTS. Her co-direct feature "Lives of Crime" was the official selection of Golden Horse FPP and the Busan International Film Festival. "Judoka" also made it to the Series Mania selection.

    楊婕 YANG
  • Film critic-Image

    Film critic. Writer. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She’s currently a Ph.D. candidate at National Taiwan University. She once taught university courses in Film Studies at National Chi Nan University and National Taichung University of Education. She has served as a judge for various film awards, including Pingyao International Film Festival, the Chinese Film and Media Awards, The Cinephile Prize and Shenzhen International Micro-film Festival.

    Film critic
    賈選凝 Jasmine Jia