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XR Panorama

The Year of the Tiger: Fantastic Flesh Juicer 2.0

Nominees and Awards

  • ★ 2022 Indie Short Fest
  • ★ 2022 Munich Music Video Awards - MV
  • ★ 2022 Rome Music Video Awards - MV


The Year of the Tiger: Fantastic Flesh Juicer 2.0 is a music video made by XR stage Unreal Engine. This film takes a look at a post apocalyptic world and the rebirth of time itself set to the song Tiger Lord by the artist FLESH JUICER.


Executive Producer-Image

Executive Producer

FENG Chien-chang

FENG Chien-chang and the FREE'S team have introduced cutting-edge technologies in world-class exhibition and productions, and in recent years, with the deep foundation of stage design, they have stepped into the visual and creative integration of VR, AR and other scientific and technological interactive fields.


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