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WEN Jin-sheng loved being active from a young age. A motorbike accident during his junior year of high school left him with a comminuted fracture to the cervical spine, paralysis of four limbs, and only his head left to communicate with others. Jin-sheng has since spent 25 years lying in bed. Not only has his family suffered under the financial burden of his condition, but his life has also lost all direction and he has begun to contemplate euthanasia. Euthanasia has not yet been legalized in Taiwan, and in addition to lacking the funds to pay for the procedure, Jin-sheng also faces opposition from his family. What is the direction his life will take?




Charles YANG Meng-jia

Charles YANG Meng-jia is a director, screenwriter, and editor. He graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, where he is now a guest professor. He has participated in many documentaries and stage plays, and his screenplays have been selected to the Excellent Screenplay Awards and the Golden Horse FPP.


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