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Children's Jury Award: A
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The Scent of Tangerine

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Sara is a smart and likable 12-year-old, curious as can be and full of questions about life and about where we go after depart our earthly existence. Marina, her mother, tries to explain that the answer can be found in the place where mandarin peels go to find new life. Shortly later, in an unexpected and joyously early spring day spent roaming around the beautiful city of Verona with her father, Sara has a marvelous urban adventure amidst the monuments and the wondrous views, full of stories narrated by her loving father and redesigned by his talented pen.




Valentina ZANELLA

Valentina ZANELLA was born in Verona. After attained a master's in communication and discography in Milan, she began coordinating artists, creative directors and technicians in the production of videos, concerts and events. She has been the Creative Director of K+ since 2009, working on music videos and commercials while directing shorts, feature films and documentaries.


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