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Tribute to the Master

Chinese Roulette (Digital Restoration)

Nominees and Awards


The story of a long weekend at a secluded Franconian country estate. Those who meet are the couple Ariane and Gerhard Christ, and their respective lovers Irene and Kolbe. The mansion is maintained by housekeeper Kast and her son Gabriel. Arriving unexpectedly are Ariane and Gerhard’s mobility-impaired daughter Angela and her mute governess Traunitz. This is a bizarre group filled with hatred and mistrust, jealousy and sadism. Angela asks all present to play “Chinese Roulette,” a game of truth. Emotions suppressed for years and deep frustrations lead to an explosion. A gunshot rings out.




Rainer Werner FASSBINDER

Rainer Werner FASSBINDER was a German filmmaker, actor and playwright,. Born in 1945, he became a prominent figure of the New German Cinema movement at the age of 24 with his debut feature, Love Is Colder Than Death. He died from an overdose in 1982, leaving behind a filmography of over 40 feature films.


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