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Tribute to the Master

Effi Briest (Digital Restoration)

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Effi Briest is seventeen; she is married off to Baron Geert von Innstetten, 20 years her senior. Effi feels lonely in her new home, a secluded place on the Baltic Sea. Without really admitting this to herself, she is unhappy because despite the sympathy the ambitious man of principles has expressed towards her, she knows that she is not really loved. While her acquaintance with the new county commander, Major Crampas – to whom her husband also feels friendship – initially brings change, it ultimately leads to confusion. A relationship develops between Effi and Crampas that vacillates between dalliance and passion.




Rainer Werner FASSBINDER

Rainer Werner FASSBINDER was a German filmmaker, actor and playwright,. Born in 1945, he became a prominent figure of the New German Cinema movement at the age of 24 with his debut feature, Love Is Colder Than Death. He died from an overdose in 1982, leaving behind a filmography of over 40 feature films.


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