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Marriage No.1314


This film is included in On Marriage series by PTS Taiwan.

In Mandarin, the number 1314 is a numeronym that means “for the rest of my life”.

Li Guo-hua, a dentist based in Taiwan, works to support his family living far away in the UK. One day, he unexpectedly shuts down his dentist clinic as a means to force his wife to return to Taiwan with their children. However, after many years of separation, Guo-hua finally realizes that under the family union and the perfect marriage he’s been pursuing his whole life lies the irreconcilable differences between him and his estranged wife.




CHENG Wen-tang

CHENG Wen-tang has extensive experience in all aspects of filmmaking. As an independent producer, he has built his reputation on producing documentaries, short films, and feature films. His feature debut, Somewhere Over the Dreamland, won the 2002 Golden Horse Award for Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
Kaohsiung Main Public Library 7F Ji Hui Auditorium 2022/10/14 Friday 21:30 (Q&A session after screening (30min))
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER reel one 2022/10/22 Saturday 13:00 (Q&A session after screening (40min))

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