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Special Program : New Noise in Skateboarding
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North Hollywood

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North Hollywood follows Michael as he graduates high school and decides what’s next in life. His two childhood best friends are on different life paths. One is going to college and the other is going to work, but Michael wants to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder. Over the course of the film, Michael must come to terms with what following his dream means for the future of those relationships, not only with his friends and love interest, but also his father, who disapproves of his choice. Rifts form as Michael takes steps to build relationships with professional skaters and earn the blessings of his loved ones.





Mikey ALFRED is an accomplished director and entrepreneur who has successfully incorporated his deeply held passions for fashion, art, film, skateboard culture, and his hometown of Los Angeles into a burgeoning career. He is best known as the owner of Illegal Civilization, a million-dollar clothing company and creative collective born in L.A.’s skating community. 


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
Century Asia Cinemas 2F 5 2022/10/16 Sunday 16:30
Century Asia Cinemas 2F 5 2022/10/21 Friday 16:20

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