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Competition 12: Sole Dance, Duet Dance

The Island of Us

Nominees and Awards


A seed who can’t get under the sun and the shadow who needs light to exist are each other’s meaning of life. The seed makes up her mind to find a way to be with the shadow, kicking off a journey to explore this strange world.




YU yu

YU Yu, who graduated from the University of Southern California with an MFA in Animation, specializes in Stop Motion Animation. At the end of 2018, she returned to Taiwan and founded the Shadow Step Studio to continue making more stop-motion commercials and personal projects.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2022/10/20 Thursday 14:00
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2022/10/22 Saturday 17:30 (Q&A session after screening (30min))
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER reel two 2022/10/30 Sunday 13:30

※ Notes:    With filmmakers' attendance/talks    Non-English language films without Chinese subtitles

Short Films Online

Short Films Online
Start Time End Time Online Link
Start Time: 2022/10/14 Friday 00:00 End Time: 2022/10/30 Sunday 23:59