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Long Spirit


High school student Li Chih-hui worships martial arts movie star “Long” and dreams of becoming a kung fu master so he can defend himself from bullies. When classmate Chien Li-hua shows concern for the bullied Chih-hui, he begins to develop feelings for her. And when he finds out Li-hua is into divination and wants to become a spirit medium, Chih-hui pens a script entitled “Long and the Magic Princess” and invites her to star in it, but the bullies show up and knock Chih-hui unconscious. When he wakes up, however, Chih-hui suddenly declares that Long’s spirit now possesses his body.




TENG Kun-hou

TENG Kun-hou is from Macau and earned his master’s degree from the Department of Filmmaking at Taipei National University of the Arts. His short film One to Ten won Best Narrative of the Student Slate at the 2020 Golden Harvest Awards.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
Century Asia Cinemas 2F 5 2022/10/30 Sunday 15:30 (Q&A session after screening (30min))

※ Notes:    With filmmakers' attendance/talks    Non-English language films without Chinese subtitles