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Kaohsiung VR Film Lab Originals

Beyond Midnight


We are in iel's room. The story begins with the discovery of shifting, a mental projection technique that allows you to project yourself into an imaginary world. We will try it. Through a journey into the world of dreams Iel and the user realize that they are arriving near the center of the system, where the creators of the experience, the digital artists, are interacting directly with digital matter. Our presence has created an upheaval in the digital world. We will try to fix it.


◆ FREE entry with tickets of any XR Dreamland program

◆ Date:10/7 - 10/22

◆ Place:Kaohsiung Music Center - Coral Zone




Néon Minuit

Neon Minuit is a duo of artists who use digital tools to capture pieces of reality and stage them in their playground: the virtual world. Their work, between lighting installations, videomapping and VR projects, have been shown all around the world in several festivals.


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