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Fresh Memories: The Look

Nominees and Awards

  • ★ 2023 SXSW XR Competition
  • ★ 2023 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


War in Ukraine from its beginning has taken away thousands of households and lives as well. Kharkiv was one of the towns which was hit in a massive way. In this immersive experience in virtual reality inspired by the famous Marina Abramovich performance “The Artist Is Present” you look into the eyes of those who lost their homes or places closely connected with them. What can this simple look awake in us?

This film places you amongst the residents of war-torn Ukraine. Although there are no interactive features in this VR experience, as you watch the film you’ll notice the expressionless individuals in front of you making direct eye contact, appearing to gaze back at you as you observe them. Amidst the collapsed and ruined buildings of Kharkiv, you will bear witness to the ruthless destruction that war has inflicted upon the city and hear the residents’ mournful folk songs in your ears, as well as the cries of the refugees.


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Ondřej Moravec is a filmmaker, journalist and writer. He also works as a VR programmer at several film festivals in the Czech Republic. The interactive film Darkening is his VR debut.



Volodymyr KOLBASA

Volodymyr has a Masters degree in Digital storytelling at Internationale Filmschule in Köln, Germany and a DOP diploma from a combined Masters program Viewfinder MA Erasmus Mundus. He worked as a DOP of the second crew of a US-Ukrainian documentary movie Stalking Chernobyl: Exploration After Apocalypse. During his studies he decided to focus on the VR Storytelling field to explore the potential of virtual reality as a storytelling medium. He was developing his VR project Washed Ashore in Germany, but the process has been interrupted due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He lives in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Poltava. His new project Fresh Memories: The Look premiered at South by Southwest festival.  


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