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Braving the Peak


Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range features 138 peaks with altitudes exceeding 3,000m, stretching over 300 km from north to south. KU Ming-cheng and CHOU Ching, two trail runners with very different temperaments and a 30-year age gap, spend three years training and exploring with the aim of traversing the Central Mountain Range on foot. This documentary captures their record-breaking eight-day, 16-hour feat from the very beginning, traversing self-doubt and disagreements, to finally achieving their goal, every step resembling a peak of life marked by unwavering determination.




YANG Shou-Yi

YANG Shou-yi has been working as a documentary filmmaker for over 20 years. He has produced countless documentary programs covering a wide range of subjects, including nature, humanities, architecture and culture. A designated partner of international TV channels, his works have earned international recognition and won many awards.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER Reel ONE 2023/10/14 Saturday 15:40

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