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This film is included in On Marriage series by PTS Taiwan.

Marriage is a scam and all you have to do is deceive yourself. Like many other women past their mid-30s, Ann rushes into marriage out of fear of the notorious “middle-age vanishing syndrome”. Therefore, in exchange for a smooth wedding, she secretly uses a high-tech product called “Marriage Bestie” to help her get through all the fuss. However, Ann finds herself stuck in a trail of problems. Meanwhile, the real reason why she is desperate to get married is gradually revealed…




Peter HO

Peter HO has been an actor, producer, screenwriter, and director. He has starred in 54 television dramas and 29 films. In 2018, he once again took multiple roles as actor, screenwriter, producer, and director for the television series Age of Rebellion, for which he won the Golden Bell Award for Best Director.


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