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Kaohsiung VR Film Lab Originals
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The Eye and I, Vol. 1


This story comes from the French word “surveillance”, which in English originally referred to “eyes in the sky”, or a pair of eyes above us watching everything that happens below. The Eye and I is a beautiful, thought-provoking, humorous and deeply-reflective experience. Viewers will be able to explore the origin and development of The Eye and I, and learn about the intertwined story of human society and “surveillance”. After a series of dark journeys, viewers learn how “surveillance” is embedded in our culture in various forms and even affects our perception of reality. The Eye and I aims to help people escape the surveillance framework and its constraints by helping viewers understand its history and how it came to be embedded in our lives.




Jean-Michel JARRE

Jean-Michel JARRE is a legendary French musician and one of the early pioneers in Europe who began to experiment with electronic music creation. In recent years, JARRE has held virtual concerts online.



HUANG Hsin-chien


Hsin-Chien Huang, a new media artist, is adept at combing VR, interactive installations, performing arts, and power machinery to explore greater possibilities for human life through technology.


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