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Where's Noddy?


A boy named Noddy, who likes to play games very much. His favorite is hide and seek because everyone likes it. But Noddy is always the first one to get caught. Every time he gets caught, he puts up a long face. Because once he gets caught, he can only stand aside and look at everyone else playing. Noddy hates to lose so he tries to observe carefully every time. Learn to run like everyone else, to cheat like everyone else, to fool around like everyone else and not to get caught. Gradually, Noddy plays hide and seek better and better.

One day, he finds the safest place and hides inside quietly and patiently without making any noise. He sees other kids getting caught one by one. Noddy finally succeeds; no one can find him.




HSU Chih-yen

Hsu Chih-yen is a film director. He extends his work field from music videos, commercials to feature films. His first VR film, Home, was selected by Venice International Film Festival and won the VR Grand Prix at Beyond the Frame Festival.


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