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Beyond Imagination
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Goodbye Cruel World


Former yakuza Anzai, illegal taxi driver Mutoh, laborer Hamada, assassin Hagiwara, and hooker Miru are in a car headed to a love hotel used by the Sugiyama Clan for money laundering. The front desk clerk gave them information about the big scheme and the five formed a “one night only” gang. They succeed in robbing them blind, and though the five are supposed to go their separate ways after splitting the money, they end up being hunted down by a detective hired by the clan and the clan members themselves, kicking off a merciless struggle and leading to an ending nobody expected…




OMORI Tatsushi

OHMORI Tatzushi’s 2005 directorial debut, The Whispering of the Gods, screened at Tokyo International Film Festival and Locarno International Film Festival. In 2013, he won the Special Jury Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival for The Ravine of Goodbye. Other films include Seto and Utsumi, And Then There Was Light, and Every Day a Good Day.


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