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The Girl on a Bulldozer

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Don’t you dare mess with me!

Hye-yeong turns 20 soon. She may seem delicate and pretty, but the dragon tattoo on her arm can sure scare people off. Her only problem is her father, Bon-jin, a gambling addict who once lost all their money and even deserted the family. He later opened a Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Seoul, and it’s now regularly packed with diners. Hye-yeong still can’t forgive him, but the only reason she stays with her family is her little brother, Hye-jeok. He reminds her of her childhood and he’s considerate like their late mother.

One day, Bon-jin is found unconscious in hospital, having allegedly assaulted someone, stolen a car, and hit two innocent people. Hye-yeong doesn’t even feel sorry for him, but strangely, she receives several anonymous calls from people who want to talk to her father. And a couple suddenly shows up at the father’s restaurant, saying they will take it over from Bon-jin in two weeks. On top of that, Bon-jin’s condition rapidly worsens and now is brain dead. What happened to him?




PARK Ri-woong

PARK Ri-woong majored in directing at Korea National University of Arts. His short films Let US Go (2007) and Good Yeounha (2008) have been honored with awards at international film festivals, including the Seoul International Film Festival, Filmfest München, and the Jeonju International Film Festival.


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