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Competition Children's Jury Award 1: Pinky Promise?
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Margot’s Sister

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Margot, a pre-teen who struggles to find acceptance at school, is challenged by the arrival of her intellectually disabled sister in the after-school program. Margot initially struggles to keep her worlds separate, but an event soon leads her to re-evaluate her position.




Christine DOYON

Christine DOYON is a Canadian writer, director and editor. She holds a double degree in Art History and Cinema from UQAM. In 2012, her first documentary feature, Au Revoir ma Lou, was selected to Rendez Vous du Cinema Québécois. She also directed the documentaries Bienvenue chez Nous (2014) and Traces of Hope (2020).


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER reel two 2022/10/23 Sunday 13:30 (Q&A session after screening (30min))
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER reel two 2022/10/26 Wednesday 19:30
Century Asia Cinemas 2F 4 2022/10/27 Thursday 14:10
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER reel two 2022/10/29 Saturday 17:50
Century Asia Cinemas 2F 4 2022/10/30 Sunday 10:30 (With guided Reading by juries (30min))
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2022/10/30 Sunday 17:40

※ Notes:    With filmmakers' attendance/talks    Non-English language films without Chinese subtitles

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Start Time: 2022/10/14 Friday 00:00 End Time: 2022/10/30 Sunday 23:59