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What Remains

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Emilio, a lonely man in his 80s, lives alone on his abandoned farm in the Portuguese countryside. Everyone close to him is gone. One ram is all there is left. Due to physical incapacity and age, he decides to get rid of it. After the company who is supposed to buy the ram cancels the appointment, Emilio tries to sell it on his own. During this endeavor, he is confronted with challenges that show how outdated he has become in today’s world.





Daniel SOARES is a Portuguese filmmaker and photographer, born in Germany and currently living in New York. His works have screened at several festivals in North America and at the International Center of Photography. He has won several international creativity awards, such as Young Guns from the Art Directors Club in 2017.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2022/10/18 Tuesday 13:20
Century Asia Cinemas 2F 4 2022/10/23 Sunday 16:00
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER reel two 2022/10/28 Friday 21:10

※ Notes:    With filmmakers' attendance/talks    Non-English language films without Chinese subtitles

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