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Tribute to the Master: Rainer Werner FASSBINDER

Lili Marleen

Nominees and Awards


1938. Willie and Robert are in love: She, a minor German singer who appears in a Zurich nightclub and waits for her big breakthrough. He, son of a rich Jewish family. His father is the head of an organization that helps Jews flee from Nazi Germany. But following a trip to Germany, the young lovers are forced to part when Willie is not allowed to re-enter Switzerland. Willie therefore remains in Germany, and unexpectedly becomes a big German Nazi star for her song Lili Marleen, a favorite of the armed forces and even the Führer himself.




Rainer Werner FASSBINDER

Rainer Werner FASSBINDER was a German filmmaker, actor and playwright,. Born in 1945, he became a prominent figure of the New German Cinema movement at the age of 24 with his debut feature, Love Is Colder Than Death. He died from an overdose in 1982, leaving behind a filmography of over 40 feature films.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2022/10/15 Saturday 10:50
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2022/10/19 Wednesday 21:00
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2022/10/27 Thursday 18:30

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