Off the Hook

Premiere Screening in Asia
Premiere Screening in Asia Premiere Screening in Asia
Pat Howl Kostyszyn
  • 2018 OpenEyes Filmfest

Zuza is an art curator and a mother of a preschool daughter. One night she sees a teenager being beaten up by two men and she comes to his defense. However, when the police arrive at the scene, it’s Zuza who gets arrested.


  • Director | Pat Howl Kostyszyn

    Spent his childhood constructing yachts at a Turkish beach. After coming back to Poland for twelve years he ran a technology company. Graduated from SWPS University with a degree in social psychology and University of California, Los Angeles School of Theater, Film and Television where he studied film directing and production. Director and screenwriter of short films („Go Fish!”, 2015) and music videos.


    2018 Off the Hook
    2015 Go Fish!


  • 2018/10/26(Fri.) 15:10
    Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F 3F
  • 2018/10/31(Wed.) 21:10
    Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F 3F