The Masseuse

Premiere Screening in Taiwan
Premiere Screening in Taiwan Premiere Screening in Taiwan
Ce Ding Tan
  • 2018 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Nomination for Asian International competition & Japan Competition
  • 2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

In the near future, at a time when androids are exploding in popularity, Loong, a young man constantly abused by his father, repairs an old and obsolete android, TX-59. Quickly there is an uncanny chemistry developing between them―a result of their dejected and undesirable circumstances.

  • Director | Ce Ding Tan

    After starting off his career as a production assistant for several local movies, Tan Ce Ding took on the role of Assistant Director in the advertising filmmaking industry. Under the tutelage of top local directors, he has refined and expanded his repertoire of filmmaking techniques. With his newfound expertise, Ce Ding went beyond the local scene by collaborating with a wide spectrum of international directors from Australia, England, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Since then, he has more than 200 TVC assistant director credits under his belt.


    2018 The Masseuse
    2016 Hawa
    2014 We Were the Best


  • 2018/10/24(Wed.) 13:30
    Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F 3F
  • 2018/10/29(Mon.) 19:00
    Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F 3F