The Fox

Sadegh Javadi
  • 2018 Regina International Film Festival

A young fox on the verge of experiencing the first love got trapped by a hunter. The hunter ties a dog collar bell on the fox’s neck and leaves him in the woods. And then the fox begins his struggle to survive, to love and revenge.


  • Director | Sadegh Javadi

    Born in Tehran, 1981. He got a Graphic Diploma and engages in animation since 1999 till now.
    He has multiple identities such as director, animator, graphic designer, character designer, storyboard designer, background designer, composer and sounder.


    2018 The Fox
    2016 Dreams In One Day
    2014 Celebration Prayer
    2014 Kids Laughter
    2013 A Pit A Hill
    2012 Bald Pigeon Fancier
    2008 Vinegar And Ant
    2005 Kind Hands
    2005 Like Dad's Eyes


  • 2018/10/24(Wed.) 13:30
    Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F 3F
  • 2018/10/29(Mon.) 19:00
    Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F 3F