2017 Andante

General Audience
Premiere Screening in World
Premiere Screening in World Premiere Screening in World

Wei’s only son, Yu-Hsi, died in an accident. Yu-His’s broken cellphone still sends reminders for all the schedules that he can no longer follow. Wei follows them all, and opens the piano that he bought for his talented son. The more Wei participates in Yu-Hsi’s life, the more he understands…

  • Director | Laha MEBOW

    Trained in scriptwriting and directing, Laha Mebow is the first female Taiwanese aboriginal film director and TV producer. She is devoted to film and television production, focusing on aboriginal documentary and drama.


  • 2017/10/21(Sat.) 16:00
    Kaohsiung Main Public Library - B1 Small Theater B1
  • 2017/11/05(Sun.) 16:00
    Cinemark - 11 Hall 1F

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