2017 Once There Was

General Audience
Walerian BOROWCZYK  \  Jan Lenica
  • 1958 德國曼漢姆影展 首獎

The piece is dominated by experimental visual forms which aim to convey deeper content through seemingly simple shapes and measures. A collage composed of abstract geometrical figures juxtaposed with figures cut out of newspapers accentuates the imaginary character of the presented world in which the artist can freely manipulate reality.

  • Director | Walerian BOROWCZYK

    Walerian Borowczyk is one of the most controversial names in the history of cinema. Inspiring the likes of novelist Angela Carter, filmmakers Terry Gilliam, the Quays brothers, and Jan Švankmajer, Borowczyk’s wild imagination and dark humor has been described as “when Kafka meets Bruñel.” Some call him a genius who crossed from painting, animation, to live-action; some call him a prurient, exploitative, obscene pornographer, like all those that sprung up with the 1970s relaxation of censorship.

  • Director | Jan Lenica