2017 Temporary

Parents Strongly Cautioned
Premiere Screening in World
Premiere Screening in World Premiere Screening in World
Hui-Ju HSU

The factories which were abandoned, the temporaries who were employed on a temporary basis, and the words were painted on the edge of the wall of the city. They were dirty humble but very strong, it reflects the real situation of "workers" in the social class. These factories, workers, and wall were utterly discarded after being used up, without any responsibility and affection. They were "relics" of the modern industrial process, and now left behind in the edge of the city and barren.

We try to record the imminent disappearance of these graffiti walls, abandoned factories, are the temporary workers in an atypical way. Because of these images usually remind us that the city hides a group of incomplete consciousness and the body, they are in the search for a possible survival, a possible aesthetic, a desolate before the disappearance.

  • Director | Hui-Ju HSU


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  • 2017/10/29(Sun.) 13:00
    Kaohsiung Main Public Library 7F
  • 2017/11/04(Sat.) 13:00
    Cinemark - 11 Hall 1F