2017 I Have Nothing to Say

Parents Strongly Cautioned
Premiere Screening in World
Premiere Screening in World Premiere Screening in World
Liang YING
Taiwan、Hong Kong│2017│DCP│B&W│25min

This is how a Chinese mother is made: A trip. A third land,Taiwan. An exiled daughter…

  • Director | Liang YING

    Ying Liang, Chinese independent filmmaker, was born in Shanghai. He had studied in Beijing and Chongqing before settling down in the city of Zigong in Sichuan Province. He made his directorial debut in 1999, and since then, has made four feature films and more than a dozen shorts, including Taking Father Home, The Other Half, Good Cats, When Night falls , Condolences, and A SUNNY DAY. These were greeted with a number of important prizes at international film festivals, including the Special Jury Prize at Tokyo FILMeX International Film Festival, the International Film Critic FIPRESCI Prize at Brisbane International Film Festival, the Tiger Award for the Best Short at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Best Director & Best Actress at Locarno International Film Festival, Best Live Action Short Film at the Golden Horse Awards, etc. Because of his last feature film WHEN NIGHT FALLS, he exiles in Hong Kong now.

    Ying Liang is also a film educator and festival curator. In 2008, he became the Program Director of Chongqing Independent Film & Video Festival. In 2009, he became the Principal Lecturer for Li Xianting Film School in Beijing and in the following year, the Director of Education for Li Xianting Film Fund. In the same year, he organized a ten-city screening tour of the best works from Chongqing Independent Film & Video Festival, in China as well as London and Cadiz.

    At the moment, he is one of the part time lecturers of Film/TV School of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Hong Kong Baptist University, programming for Chinese Documentary film festival(Hong Kong), one of the founders of Chinese Independent Documentary Lab(Hong Kong).
    Meanwhile he just finished shooting short film I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY, feature film named TRAVEL, and writing script WINDY SEASON.


    2012 我還有話要說 WHEN NIGHT FALLS
    2008 好貓 GOOD CATS
    2006 另一半 Ling Yi Ban (The Other Half)
    2005 背鴨子的男孩 Bei Ya Zi De Nan Hai (Taking Father Home)
    2016 九月二十八日▪晴 A Sunny Day
    2009 慰問 Wei Wen (Condolences)
    2009 蝴蝶的顏色 HuDie De Yanse (Medicine)
    2008 我愛湖人 Wo Ai Huren (I Love Lakers)
    2006 心猿 Xin Yuan (The Drifting Heart)
    2003 回家看看 Hui Jia Kan Kan (The Missing House)
    2002 影子 Ying Zi (Shadow)
    2001 在家的日子 Zai Jia De Ri Zi (The Days at Home)
    2001 山城紀事 Shan Cheng Ji Shi (Stories in the Mountain City)
    2001 天堂的金幣 Tian Tang De Jing Bi (The Golden Coin of Heaven)
    2001 3分59秒24幀 3 Fen 59 Miao 24 Zheng (3 m 59 s 24f)


  • 2017/10/29(Sun.) 13:00
    Kaohsiung Main Public Library 7F
  • 2017/11/04(Sat.) 13:00
    Cinemark - 11 Hall 1F