Absolute Territory

2017 Absolute Territory

Parental Guidance Suggested
Premiere Screening in World
Premiere Screening in World Premiere Screening in World
Chun-Hong LEE

Cos-play café waitress meets a polar bear coser who is determined to be the “master of time.” Curious waitress follows the polar bear to the hospital, where he visits his fatally-ill girlfriend. They want to make the girlfriend immortal in the absolute territory of love, but can they stop time?

  • Director | Chun-Hong LEE

    Student of fine arts, radio, TV, and film, Chun-Hong Lee is a productive director and editor for award-winning short films, commercials, and documentaries. He also co-founded Crystal Image Film Production Ltd.


  • 2017/10/21(Sat.) 16:00
    Kaohsiung Main Public Library - B1 Small Theater B1
  • 2017/11/05(Sun.) 16:00
    Cinemark - 11 Hall 1F