Short Film Competition


2018 Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition

Call for Entries!


‧ We are Taiwan's biggest international short film competition, with over NT$1 million in total prize money.

        Each year, Kaohsiung Film Festival (hereinafter as "KFF") International Short Film Competition provides a showcase for thousands of original and creative works by visionary filmmakers from around the world, who compete for a total of over NT$1 million in prize money. The 2018 KFF International Short Film Competition will run from October 19th to November 4th, taking place in Kaohsiung. We welcome all filmmakers to submit their films before June 30th.


‧ We are devoted to discovering short films talents worldwide and seeking more works with unique Asian perspectives.

        KFF aspires to become the heart of short films in Asia and actively collaborates with international film festivals in various festival programs. This year, a new award category for Asian short films has been established in hopes of seeing more works from Asia with unique perspectives.


‧ We set up a brand new VR International Competition section to encourage different creative expressions.

        In 2017, KFF established the VR Film Lab to finance Taiwanese filmmakers in creating VR short films. This year, we set up a new International VR Competition section to encourage filmmakers to explore new ways of creative storytelling via VR 360.


        2018 Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition is open for submissions from May 1st to June 30th, 2018. The full list of nominated films will be announced on the Festival’s official site no later than September 30th, 2018. Nominated filmmakers will be notified via email. Winners will be announced during the award ceremony of KFF International Short Film Competition in late October, and then released on the official site.

Filmmakers, we are looking forward to seeing your short films at KFF this year!